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PRODUCING PARTNERS is a New York-based development and production company responsible for numerous hit series on Brazilian television, for networks like HBO, Food Network, GNT and many others. Specializing in travel, music and entertainment series featuring some of Brazil’s most famous stars, the company was founded by directors Guto Barra and Tatiana Issa, who have produced and directed numerous documentary films and television series, amassing a long list of awards and accolades.


As a production company that directs all resources into in-house developed programming, PRODUCING PARTNERS is unique in combining short turn-around production style with expertise in international audiences. Its seasoned New York-based staff oversees all production phases for each series, ensuring high production value and an extremely efficient workflow. Leveraging its partners’ relationships with well-known talent in the entertainment industry and beyond, PRODUCING PARTNERS is well-positioned to develop and produce a variety of exciting television programs. The company offers networks smart ways for fulfilling their programming needs, while developing an exciting roster of products that can be licensed and developed by partners in different markets.


Some of company’s flagship shows are currently: ANOTA AÍ (travel series), PEDRO PELO MUNDO (travel/current affair series), ALÉM DA CONTA (entertainment series) and ALMANAQUE MUSICAL COM MARISA ORTH (music series). Among the most recent productions are the HBO documentary series FORA DO ARMÁRIO, the arts series GEOGRAFIA DA ARTE and Food Network travel series DESTINO CON SABOR.

Our Team


Founder/CEO &
Head of Content

Tatiana Issa is an award winning director & producer with more than 40 international awards for the feature film DZI CROQUETTES, featuring Liza Minnelli. The film became the most awarded documentary in Brazilian history and had its US premiere at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, followed by a theatrical release in the USA, Europe and Brazil. The film received raving reviews from all major newspapers, such as The New York Times, LA Times, Time Out NY, LA Weekly, Village Voice, among many others. Tatiana is the co-founder of Producing Partners and ART DOCS and the creator, show runner, producer and director of numerous hit primetime television series, such as HBO's documentary series FORA DO ARMÁRIO, HBO feature documentary "BERTHA LUTZ - WOMEN AND THE U.N. CHARTER, Food Network's gastronomy series DESTINO CON SABOR, TV GLOBO series VIVER DO RISO and EXPRESSO FUTURO, GNT’s PEDRO PELO MUNDO and many others.  Since 2011 she has created  more than 20 TV series. Tatiana is a proud member of NYWIFT (New York Women in Film & Television).


Founder/CFO & Director of Strategic Development

Guto Barra is a New York-based filmmaker and television director, founder of Producing Partners. He is the co-creator of numerous hit series on Brazilian television, for HBO, Food Network, GNT, Mulstishow and others. His directing credits include over 200 episodes of television series on travel, music, arts, technology and pop culture. His films have been shown in prestigious venues such as the Museum of Modern Art, in New York, Haus der Kulturen der Werld, in Berlin, and the Musee d’Art Moderne della Ville de Paris. Guto’s award-winning feature documentary Beyond Ipanema inspired a television series on Canal Brasil, shot in Asia, Europe and the United States.


Head of Production

Julia Palermo is a TV and film producer based in New York. Originally from Rio de Janeiro, Julia has a BA in Journalism and worked at Thomson Reuters in Brazil before moving to NY to pursue an MA in Media Studies at the New School. Since then, she has worked in a number of projects with companies like Killer Films and Alldayeveryday. At Producing Partners, Julia has produced several TV shows including PEDRO PELO MUNDO (GNT), GEOGRAFIA DA ARTE (Arte 1), FORA DO ARMÁRIO (HBO) and DESTINO CON SABOR (Food Network).


Director of Photography

Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, “a chaotic city that has the gift of staying beautiful in any light or time of the day”, Gustavo Nasr is a Director of Photography that has worked in the fields of documentary, narrative, music videos and advertising. Throughout his career as a cinematographer, he has travelled to places like Tokyo, Paris, Istambul, Medellin, Mo-i-Rana, London, Hong Kong, Beirut and many other unique places. He has recently worked on the HBO documentary series FORA DO ARMÁRIO, Food Network’s DESTINO CON SABOR and GNT’s PEDRO PELO MUNDO, among many others.


Main Editor


Director & Producer

Raphael Alvarez is a New York‐based director and producer. Growing up in Rio de Janeiro, he started his career in front of the camera, having had leading roles in three major soap operas. As a teenager, Raphael relocated to New York City to further pursue his love of acting. He starred in a number of Broadway musicals including "West Side Story", "Kiss of the Spider Woman" and "Jesus Christ Superstar" (with Ted Neely and Carl Anderson). In 2009, he co‐directed DZI CROQUETTES, a feature doc film that was released theatrically in the US, Brazil and Europe, amassing 40 International awards. He has directed the television series ALÉM DA CONTA COM INGRID GUIMARÃES, ANOTA AÍ, DANÇANDO NA BROADWAY and MUNDO EM MOVIMENTO.

Rodrigo Brazão hails from Rio de Janeiro and has earned a diploma in Radio & Television from the Federal University of Rio. Before joining Producing Partners, Rodrigo has been a freelance editor in several projects, including PORTA DOS FUNDOS, CASA BRASILEIRA (GNT), ADORÁVEL PSICOSE (Multishow), ANITTA: MEU LUGAR (Warner Music), MORAR (GNT), with companies like Hungry Man, Ayó Filmes and Janeiro Filmes. At Producing Partners, Rodrigo has edited projects like GEOGRAFIA DA ARTE (Arte 1), FORA DO ARMÁRIO (HBO),  ALÉM DA CONTA (GNT), DESTINO CON SABOR (Food Network) and ANOTA AÍ (Multishow).


Senior Editor & Post-Production Coordinator

Paulo Testolini  grew up in the small town of Vinhedo, Brazil. Paulo took up film at an early age:  recording his family's expeditions and safaris through the wild lands of Brazil. He graduated from the film department at Tisch School of the Arts, in New York City, and has been active in many film projects around the globe. His thesis short film “Suriname Gold,” an ambitious two-country Amazon production, was officially selected to screen at numerous festivals around the world and won the “Best Foreign Short Film” at the Big Island Film Festival (Hawaii). He is currently involved in the production of many Brazilian television series, such as FORA DO ARMÁRIO (HBO), GEOGRAFIA DA ARTE (Arte 1), ANOTA AÍ (MULTISHOW), as well as his own passion project about elephant conservation in the Congo and Central African Republic.

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