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On a small island at the mouth of the Amazon River, in a remote corner of the rainforest, a typical Brazilian family deals with an issue that resonates nowadays in every modern society: transgender people. On the way to visit her mother, Dominique reminisces about her life as a trans woman: from a strict religious childhood to living with a conservative gay uncle, from moving to São Paulo to entering a live of prostitution and being a victim of police brutality. At home, her mother talks about realizing that her son is a gay man, at first, and then a trans woman. She comes to accept her daughter, but that’s not all. Dominique helps two younger siblings also come out as trans. For the widow who raised all of them by herself, it wasn’t always easy to have three trans kids. But they are her family. In the end, the bonds of mother and daughter are stronger than ever. Dominique plans her return to Cotijuba to spend their later years together.


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