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DZI CROQUETTES is today the most awarded Documentary in Brazilian History with an array of awards, including awards in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, London, Torino and Brazil and the equivalent of the Brazilian Academy Awards and the Golden Globes in Rio de Janeiro. After its successful run in its country of origin, Dzi Croquettes represented Brazil in more than 50 international film festivals. It was first showned in NYC at the MoMA, followed by TRIBECA DOC Series. The film premiered commercially, for its Oscar qualifying run, at the IFC Village (NYC) and Sunset 5 (L.A) in November of 2011, getting outstanding reviews at the LA Times, Variety, NY Times, among others. 

Pleasure-packed with the group’s mesmerizing dance-satirical-theatrical performances in Brazil and in Europe, and passionately commented by Liza Minnelli’s interview in the documentary in which she embodies the excitement, originality, and talent the group was all about: a Brazilian groundbreaking theater group, inspired the youth to resist the 1968 military censorship’s ban on freedom of speech during Brazil’s violent dictatorship. Their innovative dance, political satire, hypnotic sensuality, humor, and explosive performances took Brazil and Europe by storm. Godmothered by Liza Minnelli, the group attracted front‐row fans including Catherine Deneuve, Omar Sharif, Mick Jagger, Josephine Baker, Maurice Béjart, Andy Warhol, Marisa Berenson among many others.


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