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5 X 30'

One of the greatest comedians of all times in Brazil, Leandro Hassum, embarks on a journey with his family to explore the United States in a motorhome, uncovering the peculiarities of the culture of the country he now calls home. Since moving to the United States, comedian Leandro Hassum has devoted himself to understanding the country's culture. The series mixes moments of his new journey with his family in a motorhome with his well-known stand-up style performances in the comedy club where he retrieves emotional memories of the beginning of his comedian's career—a time when he faced difficulties but also experienced the feeling of freedom that the small venues offered. The series takes the viewer into the daily life of a comedian, showcasing both the family’s intimacy and the dynamics of performing on the road, where each new city and each unusual situation ends up inspiring parts of the stand-up. Season One of "The Hassums" takes them through the roads of Las Vegas, Sedona, Grand Canyon, Santa Fe, New Orleans, and Orlando.

Dreams from the Deep End (Teaser)
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