Art / Technology (10 x 30')

EMMY Awards Nominated Series  (64th Television Academy of Arts & Sciences - NY Chapter)

New forms of entertainment are getting attention in the international market. The explosion of Immersive Theater can be seen by the success of plays such as Sleep No More and The Great Comet (on Broadway), as well as the involvement of prestigious organizations and museums in projects that involve the genre. The documentary series IMMERSIVE.WORLD provides a complete overview of the new ways that storytelling has been evolving in the United States. Those who go to an immersive show or exhibition no longer want to be a “passive audience”, choosing rather to become part of the story - in a universe where reality and fiction often mix. IMMERSIVE.WORLD explores the many aspects of this type of art and entertainment, ranging from shows performed in adapted warehouses to intimate works done inside the bathroom of a real apartment. The series also investigates the intersection of art and technology, focusing on video-mapping artists, interactive installations, and kinetic art.