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13 X 30'


"Mashup À Brasileira" uses documentary language to portray an artist throughout the entire process of creating and executing a work inspired by Brazilian cultural traditions. Contemporary artists from different disciplines explore Brazilian parties, traditions, and rituals to create original works with a contemporary language. Following the principles of "antropofagia", they use various technologies and creative approaches to sample, manipulate, and rearrange images and sounds captured in traditional manifestations, transforming them into tangible works such as installations, projections, videos, photographic collages, and more. Each episode of the documentary series "Mashup À Brasileira" follows the artist on a journey to the location of the event to be portrayed, showcasing the creative process that will generate the original work based on the research experience at each location. Shot in a "cinema verité" style with careful cinematography, the program places the artist at the center of the narrative. They engage in conversations with locals, understanding the history of each tradition through informative interviews that help the audience connect with the different stories of Brazil.

Dreams from the Deep End (Teaser)
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