Reality (15 x 30')


Pop singer Gretchen enjoys her most recent comeback due to the international success of the “Swish Swish” lyric video, from Katy Perry, starred by her. THE GRETCHENS follows her daily life in France, with Carlos, her Portuguese husband, and her frequent and long trips to Brazil, where she does a lot of shows and deals with her title of Queen of the Internet. The reality show also portrays her relationship with the rest of the family, like transexual son Thammy, his girlfriend Andressa, and her sister Sula Miranda, a country music singer. In its first season, THE GRETCHENS dives into a family beach vacation in the Brazilian Northeast, the daily lives of the ones that live in São Paulo, Gretchen’s busy agenda that takes her all over Brazil and her long awaited meeting with Katy Perry. THE GRETCHENS is a co-production between the Multishow TV channel and Producing Partners.