Nathalia Arcuri travels the four corners of the world in search of the most fascinating Brazilian entrepreneurs in the new series "Women Who Change the World" ("Mulheres Que Mudam o Mundo"). In each episode, Nath uses her tongue-in-cheek style as she meets women who have overcome the toughest challenges and built successful businesses from scratch and without money. Conceived by the creator of Me Poupe!, the series gained the weight of YouTube Originals productions. Its mission is to inspire Brazilian women around the globe to achieve financial independence through entrepreneurship. The "businesswoman to businesswoman" vision contributes to a provocative chat between Nath and the entrepreneurs and raises questions that go far beyond traditional "face to face" interviews. Prejudice, growing pains, mistakes, lessons, family, and hurdles of every entrepreneur at the beginning of their careers are treated in a simple, didactic way. Those who are starting a business will be able to learn the next steps from Nath's tips. In each episode, two small business owners get a surprise visit from the creator of Me Poupe! and receive valuable guidance to become “Women who Change the World”.

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